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Exercising Agency

Exercising Agency is a book about decision making. In particular, it looks in detail at how a very important type of organizational decision gets made: whether or not to initiate a project.

Making strategic decisions of this kind can never be a wholly rational and scientific process. And Exercising Agency lifts the lid on many of the important behavioural factors that inform project decisions: power, politics, process, personality and the ‘rules’ of an organization.

“Want to have a serious impact on your business? This book gives you a path to becoming an ‘agent for the right change’; leading decision makers to identify projects that are worth doing and are likely to be successful. What a rare skill that is – incredibly important for you and the people you work for.”

— Dave Garrett, CEO, project

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Researching the Value of Project Management

The intensive and extensive results of four years exploration by a world wide team of more than 48 researchers. Researching the Value of Project Management explores the complex, critical and strategic role that project management provides in delivering organizational value.

The Value of PM project was one of the first research projects to provide concrete evidence that what is referred to as project management is actually a broad and diverse set of practices. Different organizations have very different practices, in response to very different drivers. Not only is there no one way to manage projects, there is also no one reason why organizations adopt project management practices.

Sponsored in part by PMI, it remains the largest and most extensive research project conducted in the field of project management.

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