Exercising Agency – Webinars

Following are some of the webinars that I have given while developing the book, and since it has been published.

Yes, I Am Allowed To Do That! The Confidence To Take Action

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores what it takes to navigate our organizations in order to take the actions necessary in order to succeed. Drawing on recent research into decision making, organizational change and strategy, he shares the insights necessary to assess just how much freedom exists to act – and how to exercise it. You will explore just how much power and freedom you have to act, and how to exercise this license in a way that is responsible, effective and allowed. You’ve got nothing to lose — and a surprising amount of flexibility to gain.

Process, Structure & Agency: Investigating the ‘Project Shaper’ Role

Mark Mullaly explores how previous researchers thought the role of ‘project shaper’ existed, and the role it was presumed to play. He shares the insights that emerged from his own research regarding the role of ‘project shaper’, as well as the other individual forces that bring to bear in supporting project initiation decisions. Finally, Mark places the role of ‘project shaper’ in the context of the larger forces that are seen to influence the decision making process, in order to identify the degree that it contributes – and what is still missing – in being able to solve the problem of how project initiation decisions really get made in organizations.

Decision Making: Because Those Are The Rules

Join Mark Mullaly as he explores the impact of social rules on how we make decisions. There is no rule that says you have too, of course. But if you’ve ever wondered why people do things ‘just because’, or how the conventions of ‘this is how we do things’ got established, this presentation will have a lot to offer.