Differing Perceptions

We don’t do project management, we practice it. It is not a universal standard or procedure that must be followed with religious adherence; it is a way of thinking and organizing our work that requires appreciation of context and relevance.

A Separation Of Convenience

The reality of managing IT projects is that the business side often abdicates its responsibilities in favour of technology delivery. The critical aspects of change management and value realization often get overlooked as a result.

What I Wish I’d Known

An honest and forthright look at the challenges of being a leader with the title of project manager, and the lessons learned along the way about effectively tackling this role.

Good Enough For Van Gogh

All too often, the concepts of creativity and process are seen as mutually exclusive. Process is as essential to creatiivity as it is to managing any other outcome.

Not Processing

An exploration of the resistance to using process, and strategies to help overcome this challenge.

What’s After What’s Next?

There is a difference between what is likely to happen, and what should happen. A previous article explored the trends most likely to emerge in the field of project management; this one focusses on what really should happen.

What’s Next?

While it can be dangerous to try and predict the future, effective planning requires making some educated guesses about where things are going. The expectations for project management are increasing, and this article attempts to explore some of the emerging trends.

The Road Best Taken

What are the best practices that exist in managing projects on an organizational basis? Research identifies those enterprise-wide practices that have the greatest impacts.

You Can Get There From Here

While maturity models help organizations to understand their current capabilities, their greatest value is in defining the most effective path forward in improving project management practices.

On The Road To Maturity

How much process actually makes sense, and when does the law of diminishing returns kick in? Research is starting to help to define and demonstrate where value can be realized, and where it stops.