Garbage In, Garbage Out

For many project organizations, the implementation of portfolio management lies heavily on software. We can’t automate vision and strategy, however. Strategy has to come first.

Monsters Under The Bed

Risk management is one of the most critical practices in successfully managing projects. Our approach towards managing risk goes along way to determining our likelihood of delivering projects well.

No-How: Managing By PMBOK

Checklists and standards do not constitute methodologies. Processes need to go beyond defining what should be done, and actually define how things need to be accomplished.

Organizational Best Practices: How Do You Measure Up?

What are the practices that have the greatest influence on organizational and project success? Insights from a major research effort.

Politics & Portfolios

Portfolio management has emerged as the latest buzzword in the world of project management. While gut feel and political influence are favoured over formal analysis and strategic thinking, however, the benefits of portfolio management will not be realized.