Workshops – Leading, Agency & Getting Things Done

Project shapers—whether project managers, sponsors or executives that are trying to get a project initiated—play a critical role in the project initiation process. Project initiation is a critical time in the life of a project, where expectations are set, support is gathered and commitments are made. How this process occurs varies considerably, depending upon the formality, structure and political environment of the organization.

Success in project shaping requires being able to read the organizational environment, take stock of processes and political factors, and exercise influence and leadership. The challenge is engaging the appropriate strategy for success. While there is no one right way to get projects initiated, their are influences that have consistently proven themselves to be more successful.

This workshop builds upon the ground-breaking research into the project initiation process conducted by Mark Mullaly. As reflected in his most recent book, ‘Exercising Agency’, it provides guidance on a critical but not well understood process. Participants will gain insights into how to effectively assess the environment of the organization they are in, develop strategies for working within and across the organization, and exercising agency in order to accomplish meaningful and valued organizational results. It is designed to provide participants with the leadership, political and motivational skills necessary to exercise personal agency.