Workshops – Realizing Strategy: Doing The Right Things The Right Way

Project initiation decisions live in a middle space between strategy development on one hand and project management on the other. They represent the critical transition point of when strategy begins to gain traction, and projects that respond to strategy begin to move forward.

For organizational executives and PMO leaders alike, understanding how this process works—and the influences that shape its operation—is critical to ensuring that projects are aligned with strategy, and that the most important priorities are the ones that proceed. This requires understanding how organizational processes and politics combine to influence how projects are successfully initiated, and the factors at work when they fail.

For organizations that seek a more effective and meaningful approach to evaluating and initiating projects, this is a must-attend workshop. It is designed to help project management office leaders, executives and project directors to assess, design and implement effective organizational capabilities to better align the strategies they develop with the projects they implement. It is designed to provide participants with the organizational awareness, insight into political challenges and assessment of effective strategies to best support project initiation.