Checking In Before 2012 Checks Out

It has been a while since I’ve written in this space. Regular readers of this site (and those who happen to know the more particular details of my existence) will know that I’ve been working on my thesis for some time. About 7 years now, in fact. In this case, ‘working on’ has often code for ‘contemplating with serious intent’. Sometimes it has been code for ‘intending to contemplate’. And there were a couple of periods where it was alternatively code for ‘registered at an institution of higher learning’ and ‘on a leave of absence’.

Despite all of the well meaning efforts (and the efforts to be well meaning), I am now pleased to report that my thesis is done. After a very, very busy year in which I was finally able to make my thesis a nearly-full-time job, I have produced a doctoral thesis. On December 19, at 3:30pm EST, I pressed ‘send’ on an email that forwarded said document to industrious and enthusiastic elves on the other side of the world, who promptly printed and bound four review copies for delivery to my university.

I have benefited from a great deal of support in the process — from my very patient thesis advisor, my more patient and long-suffering wife, and many people that volunteered to contribute to the research by being a research participant. They all have my very sincere thanks.

With the closing of the year comes the closing on a chapter of my life that has witnessed a number of changes: the years of my thesis also saw the growing (and then closing) of our company, our relocating to Toronto, finally selling our Edmonton house and eventually finding a new home in Ontario. It marks an inflection point. Not a full stop, per se – but certainly a semi colon. It is a bridge from one phase of life into the next phase, and marks the start of something that will certainly be new and will likely inevitably be very different – although inspired by what has come before.

Not that I intend to get introspective or maudlin here. In fact, the end of my thesis marks one of the first times in my career to date where I have actually stopped after a major accomplishment to celebrate and take stock. This is arguably something I should have done more of to date, and will certainly intend to into the future. It also marks a refocussing for me, and will as a result likely also be accompanied by a resurgence of activity here. All of these (I hope) can only be considered to be good things.

For those reading this as the year closes out, a very merry holidays to you, and my best wishes for a prosperous and meaningful 2013. I look forward to exploring it with you.

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