Cognitively Curious

When most of us think about artificial intelligence or machine learning, it’s in the context of computers taking over. There’s a very different view, that puts us in the driver’s seat. Insights from the bleeding edge of cognitive computing.

I Have Become a Laggard

I have long lived life on the bleeding edge, particularly where technology is concerned. I would keep up on new software, hardware and technology. My cell phone provider was no doubt driven to distraction by my endless upgrades, usually timed about every six months or so.

Evernote: An app grows up

I am usually an early adopter of technology. If you were to ask my wife, in fact, she’ll tell you that I have a borderline obsession with exploring the latest gadget or gizmo. And if I find it in any way appealing, I will find a way to justify it being critical to my ongoing…
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For Want Of A Reader – A Personal Tragedy (Part 2)

Like others, I have spent a fair bit of time looking at alternatives and figuring out what would work for me. A big question was what Reeder was going to do; the product was well respected, but the end of the day it has a single developer behind it. And while the commitments on the…
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For Want Of A Reader – A Personal Tragedy (Part 1)

I have spent an inordinate amount of my life figuring out how to organize significant parts of my life. Whether it is figuring out how to track and manage projects, maintain my calendar, manage my commitments or keep track of my writing, there has been an on-going and somewhat frustrating effort to get to a…
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It is one of those things that happens to other people, that you read about in the paper. One of those things that couldn’t possibly happen to you. Right up until the point that it does. And so, a couple of weeks ago, that is what happened to me. All of our web sites were…
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For Want Of A Paper…

You don’t realize how comfortable and familiar that routines are until you try to change them. Take something as simple as the newspaper. For years, it has (mostly) reliably shown up on my doorstep, and I have pretty much made a point of reading it every day.

Über Awesome

There are some problems seeking solutions, and solutions seeking problems, where only the creative use of technology offers a way forward. Not always, mind you; in the effort to make an app of everything, there are some products that beg the question, “Just what were they thinking when they built that?” Not so Über.

On The Internet, No One Knows How To Cook An Egg

The internet is a tremendous useful information resource. The waging and settling of bets has been tremendously enabled since the advent of the search engine. Information is quite literally at your finger tips. You are able to find answers to complex questions, right up until the point where you can’t.

The Instagrammification Of Photography

I have long been a fan of photography as an art form. It offers a level of intimacy, of detail and of (potentially) accuracy that few others offer. It is therefore, by turns, both easier and more difficult to master.