What Comes Next?: Life After Certification

You’ve climbed the project management ranks. You’ve got experience. You have training. You are certified. What next? This article takes a close look at life after certification.

Stress & The Project Manager

Project management is a stressful gig. For many of us, that’s actually the reason that we took it on—although we would never describe it in those terms. This article explores the impact of stress on the project management role.

What Does It Take To Get Some Really Useful PM Software?

Project management and software should be one of those intersections that represents a marriage made in heaven. There are lots of details to manage, lots of math to calculate and lots of facts to keep in one place, so software seems like it should be a no-brainer. This article explores why this isn’t often the case.

Project Learning: Important But Not Urgent

Ask a project manager what the most essential and important aspects of managing are, and somewhere in the list—along with risk management, managing stakeholder expectations and effective planning—will appear “project learning reviews”. Unfortunately, they don’t occur as often as they should. This article explores why.

The Challenge of Project Learning: Are We Doomed to a Life of Insanity?

A common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time hoping for a different outcome. And yet, with project learning, this is often what we do, sometimes unwittingly. This article explores a way to break the cycle of madness.

Making Better Choices: Implications Of Formal Project Initiation

The last column in this series explored the consequences of not having a formal prioritization process. But what happens when the opposite occurs? What are the implications of having a formal project initiation process in place? If having a formal approach to project initiation is so great, why do so few organizations have one?

Projects & Investments Revisited: Are We Being Consciously Illiterate?

Most organizations blur the lines between project success and investment success. This is a dangerous practice, and this article explores why.

Projects & Investments: Are We Speaking The Same Language?

While the practice of project management may continue to advance, overall project results will not significantly improve until better decisions are made through the full lifecycle of an idea. This article explores the stages that exist, and the responsibilities that should exist at each stage.

Making Effective Choices: A Critical Look At Executive Decision Making

As organizations develop more effective approaches to managing their projects, attention typically begins to shift from how projects are being conducted to what projects the organization is choosing to conduct. This article explores the consequences of not having an effective project initiation process.

Prioritization For Fun & Profit – Portfolios and PMOs

The rationale by which project decisions get made varies widely from organization to organization, and is for the vast majority of organizations largely a subjective process. PMOs are starting to play a more direct role in this process. This article explores whether this is a good idea, and what it should look like if it were to occur.