Webinar – Getting Stuck

“Problem Solving” is a superset of skills that we apply to all aspects of our life. Managing projects, tackling risks, buying a house, deciding what movie to watch and choosing a new job all require us to solve problems. Given the pervasive presence of problems, it would be nice if we had a well rehearsed thought process we could apply universally apply.

We don’t.

Sadly we feel a need to break problem solving into very distinct categories, each of which we assume has very little to do with the others. The list of problems identified in the first paragraph illustrate this point well. We tend to feel that there is something fundamentally different between “managing projects” and “deciding which movie to watch”. These activities might seem different, but the problem solving tools we use are actually pretty much the same in either case.

This webinar will attempt to show that the problem solving tools that we use in tackling a Sudoko puzzle, solving a crossword, playing Scabble or addressing a people problem in a large project team are all essentially the same.

The objective of this one hour presentation is to identify the key problem solving techniques that are common to all problems. The result is a summary of the core competencies that are needed if we are to adopt a universal approach to problem solving. An approach that can do this effectively will have to address everything from data gathering to creativity – it must encompass working past mental blocks to sneaky problem solving ‘tricks’.

The presenter this month is Peter de Jager. His background in this subject includes 30+ years as a consultant and a life long deep love for puzzles and problems of all types.

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This webinar series is a de Jager & Co Limited and Interthink Consulting production.

Join us on 27 June 2013 at either of the following two times:

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