Pause, Reflect, Regroup

It has been a little quiet here of late. Not that there hasn’t been a great deal of activity in the background, but it has largely been exactly that: alot of activity in the background.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been assiduously working on getting all of my web sites back up and running. After the major hack of our web server in May, and the strategic decision to move platforms and providers, there was a great deal of work to be done in managing the migration. A big part of that is now done, with the redevelopment and relaunch of my company site, Interthink Consulting.

An interesting challenge has been managing the shift in focus that has come with not just my relocation, but also the shift in focus of my consulting efforts. I touched on that shift in my previous blog post. Rather than simply taking the old site and moving it to a new platform, this required a rebuild of the content from the ground up. It’s mostly there now, although there are some tweaks that are still planned. In particular, that includes bringing more of ‘me’ back into Interthink. A few years ago, there was a conscious effort to not do that, to provide a broader stage that all members of my team could occupy. Now that Interthink and myself are largely synonymous, it doesn’t make a lot of sense trying to hide outside of the spotlight.

Going forward, you should start to see an uptick in post frequency, as well as news on a variety of fronts. There are some interesting projects in the works over the next little while. Probably the most immediate and most exciting is that I have a book contract, which will see my doctoral thesis turned into something better resembling human-readable form. A new resource site exploring decision making will be launching in the next few months. And there are a few more activities at a more gestational stage that I look forward to sharing in more detail as they start to take shape.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful summer. I look forward to a continuing dialogue here in the coming days, weeks and months.

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