New Webinar: The Arcane Art of Facilitation, Take 2

There are few greater challenges than facilitating a meeting well. There is process behind it, and there are guidelines. There are strategies you can employ in some situations, and yet those self same strategies will fail you utterly in others. And there is very little guidance around which situation will succeed, and which will epically crater. It is a role that is far more art than science.

To consistently succeed as a facilitator requires a confluence of skills, perspectives, insights and capabilities. You need to ask good questions, and you need to listen carefully to answers. You need to provide guidance, and you need to let the group go where they need to go. You need to know what a good solution looks like, but you can’t prescribe it, you can’t drive to it and doing so will lead to inevitable failure.

Last month, Peter offered his take on the art of facilitation. This month, Mark provides his perspective. He leverages a career spent guiding, supporting, leading and following groups as they tackle a range of problems, and offers his insights on what it means to facilitate capably and well.

Mark outlines his recipe for facilitation success. He explores what good facilitation looks like, and how to design, approach and adapt on the fly to guide groups from where they are to where they need to go. You’ll learn perspectives on how to facilitate well, develop guidelines of what to avoid and learn how to recognize potential pitfalls and roadblocks. Ultimately, you’ll gain strategies and techniques to make a difference in leading your next meeting. And the one after that. And the one after that.

To facilitate is a rare privilege. To be invited to lead a group through it’s most difficult challenges is a rare compliment. And to do it consistently and well is a rare talent.

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Join us on 30 July 2019:

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