Next Webinar: You Are Your Own Imposter: A Guide to Recognizing and Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

For some, life feels like an endless journey of excitement and accomplishment. They move from success to success, opportunity to opportunity, revelling in their ability to show up, face the challenges of the day and successfully apply their skills and talents.

For others, life feels like an endless tunnel of dread and anxiety. The move from opportunity to opportunity, believing that any successes they experience are simple blind luck and desperately fearing being caught out as completely unqualified to address the challenges they have been given.

The astonishing thing is that the above statements can both be true of the same person in the same situation. What from the outside looks like competence, capability and confidence can from the inside feel like an endless journey of anxiety, fear and doubt. That’s the incredible and incredibly damaging influence of imposter syndrome. And more people have it than most would expect. The higher you rise in the org chart, the more likely you are to encounter it.

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores the phenomenon of imposter syndrome: where it came from, what it means and how it shows up. He describes the symptoms that are typically associated with it, and the circumstances by which it manifests itself. Most importantly, he explores strategies to recognize it for what it is, and to respond to it in ways that are constructive, useful and relevant.

If you’ve ever questioned your success, doubted your ability to succeed or ascribed your outcomes to luck more than talent, you’ll want to join us for this webinar. Without a doubt.

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