Next Webinar – Taking A Read On 2019

It’s that time of year again, when Peter and Mark explore the best books that they have read (or re-read, or re-re-read, or… you get the point) in the past year. The point being that they may have been published in 2019. But regardless of when they were published, they were most certainly relevant and valuable in 2019.

Our joint presentations are always well received, and this one will be no exception. Peter and Mark are each sharing three of the most meaningful books that they read in the 2019 calendar year. They’ll share why they chose the book, and what they liked and thought was valuable within it. Perhaps most insightfully, they’ll also share what they thought was missing, or how the book could have been improved.

Join us as we launch the new year with a look back at the last one. You’ll find out about six books that you may not yet have come across. Even if you’ve read one (or several of them) you are bound to get more insight and perspective. You will find a few more books to add to your collection, and curl up with in the coming weeks and months. And most importantly, you’ll be exposed to new and important ideas on the topics we care most about: management, change, strategy, decision making and more.

Join us and delve between the pages of some of our favourite books, and perhaps discover a few new favourites for yourself.

As always, spread the word to those who might be interested in this webinar. You’re welcome to point entire associations, companies and small countries to these links. You would be doing us a favour if you did pass this on.

This webinar series is a de Jager & Co Limited ( and Interthink Consulting ( production.

Join us on 27 January 2019:

  • 10:00 AM MST/12:00 PM EST – Click here to register
  • 4:00 PM MST/6:00 PM EST – Click here to register

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