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Management Ideas: Lost In Translation

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague yesterday. We were discussing the evolution of management practices (as one does over a late Sunday brunch) and I made the observation that there were a number of useful, valuable and entirely relevant management practices that were being explored in the 1990s, that have pretty much since…
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Emotions, Real & Imagined

Emotion is one of the more interesting things to navigate around. How our emotions influence us—our behaviours, our interactions and our decisions—is significant. At the same time, we have a complex and awkward relationship to emotions, their acceptability and how they are expressed.

The Instagrammification Of Photography

I have long been a fan of photography as an art form. It offers a level of intimacy, of detail and of (potentially) accuracy that few others offer. It is therefore, by turns, both easier and more difficult to master.