Big Data & Project Management: Is There a Point?

Inevitably, the intersection of big data and the idea of the quantified self (the hot movement of the moment) is going to show up in project management. Think of it as the “quantified project” where just about everything about a project can be measured, reported on and managed. Arguably, someone may be trying to invent this very thing right now. But should they?

Finding green in our projects

A few years ago, the idea of project management becoming more “green” was a head-scratcher. What did this involve, exactly? Printing less? Using less paper? Reusing coffee cups until the glue gave way? In the intervening period, the idea of sustainability and “green” practices has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Discussion of the topic is no longer derided or considered a basis for dismissive humor when it comes up in the boardroom. In this article, Mark highlights the difficulties associated with demonstrating values and impacts that are less tangible in nature – although no less important.

Megaprojects: How different are they really?

Mega-projects. The whole concept inspires a level of massiveness–epic, large, giant-scale projects that nearly defy human imagination. As well they should, because mega-projects are, well… big. Vast. Enormous. Why, I need a thesaurus simply to discuss them. But what is a mega-project? Why do we have them? And just how different are they from your regular, everyday, garden variety project?


Government Projects: Are They Really So Different?

Government projects are different than those in the private sector, if only because they openly acknowledge the influence politics plays in project delivery. Yet these differences go further, based upon the hierarchical structure, formality and risk aversion found in many public-sector organizations. So what does it take to successfully manage in this environment?

Managing Systems Projects: We Can Fight Our Way Out Of Wet Paper Bags

There is a collective belief that systems projects have a problem in being managed effectively: that they deliver late, over budget and rarely provide what they were supposed to in the first place. While this is a reasonably well founded assertion, it doesn’t have to be that way. This article explores why.

If All The World’s A Stage I Want Better Management

In one of his earliest articles for, Mark explored the role that process, structure and role plays in the successful management of theatrical productions, and the lessons this has for projects in other industries.

IT Projects: Built To Last

There is a commonly held perception that construction projects are managed with far greater rigour and effectiveness than IT projects. While for individual cases this may be true, it doesn’t have to be this way.