Managing In A Global World: How Easy Is This Anyway?

Globalization is a dominant them in the media, and the accepted wisdom is that increased globalization is inevitable. What does this mean for the project manager, and for the overall practice of project management?

Got Governance?

Governance is one of those terms that is commonly used but not so commonly understood. But if it is as vital as many make out, what is it, why is it important and how do we know if we are not getting it?

Project Management 2.0: It Won’t Go Anywhere Without Project Leadership 1.0

The increasing advocacy for a new and better way of managing projects is very much rooted in dissatisfaction with the current environments. This article makes the argument that whether an agile or structured approach to project management is adopted, project results are unlikely to change significantly until organizational leaders recognize and step up to their role in overseeing projects.

Negotiating Your Leadership Authority

Leadership is one of those things about which a great deal is written, but little is concretely defined. We can often describe bad leadership, but struggle for real personal examples of good leadership. What does it take to become an effective leader?

What I Wish I’d Known

An honest and forthright look at the challenges of being a leader with the title of project manager, and the lessons learned along the way about effectively tackling this role.

Projects & Politics: Evil Or Just Inevitable?

Politics are a force to be reckoned with in any organization. As project managers, we ignore them at our peril. Whether we want to or not, we need to address and engage in the politics that surround our projects. Our choice is in how we do that.

Project Management & The Dangerous Quality Of Fads

An emerging theme that I have encountered in conversations of late is the perception that project management is becoming the latest management fad. This article explores whether this is true, and what might make it so.

Developing Project Managers Into Organizational Leaders

When we think of truly effective project managers, it is not the technical that often stand out. Yet in many instances, it is these same ‘hard’ skills that get emphasized over and over in project management development programs. A look at the other capabilities necessary for in developing truly effective project managers.

The Project Manager As Organizational Leader

Does being a project manager also involve organizational leadership? While this is an easy question to ask, it is a difficult one to answer. When we can stay in the box defined by our scope, life is relatively easy. Yet much of our job is about managing the boundaries themselves. That is where the need for leadership emerges.

Redefining The PM Role

Project management is not simply about delivering scope. An early exploration of what it means to manage ensuring the delivery of business results.