Selling the PMO: Are They Still Relevant?

PMOs have been around for a while, now. Are they still relevant? Where they ever? And what are the key roles that a PMO should play? Where do they most provide value? A view of PMOs, through the lens of a major research effort into project management value.

The Multiplicity of PMOs

In many organizations, we are now seeing multiple different PMOs emerge, each with different models, strategies and structures. Some exist within business units, while others are being established corporately. What is driving this perceived need for multiple PMOs, and what does it mean for how projects are approached in organizations?

Developing From Within: Building Project Managers

Project management is a critical capability for many organizations. Project managers therefore play a pretty important role. And yet, sadly, there is little time, effort or attention spent on the development of project managers.

Project Management: What’s The Career Path

As project managers increasingly call the PMO ‘home’, another challenge is emerging. For most organizations, there is very little in the way of a clearly defined career path for project managers. Providing guidance to become a project manager, and to continue to increase value, will become critical.

The PMO As Social Pariah: Discuss

For both executives and project managers alike, the PMO is viewed as a buffer. Rather than being a negative, this is all too often its desired purpose. The consequences for organizations are significant.

Politics & The PMO

Many of the motivations behind implementing PMOs centre on a desire to shift the political dynamics of the organization itself. It is often seen as a desired counterbalance to a strong functionally-driven organization. What does this mean for how PMOs are being implemented?

Dirty Little Secret

The PMO has become the new silver bullet for organizations looking for how to implement project management. Why have PMOs become the new fad, and what does it mean for our organizations going forward?

Culture Club

Does the culture you have as an organization determine the PMO that you get? It is a critical question to understand in planning the structure and services of the PMO, and the relationship that it will have with the projects it supports.

Shoulder Struggle

Are PMOs accountable to their organizations? And should they be? This defines a fundamental, and enduring, debate about the role of the PMO. Whether the PMO is accountable for the delivery of projects, or an enabler, is a crucial choice for any organization.

Making Cents

When bad PMOs happen to good companies… Most PMOs don’t intend to be dysfunctional, and yet some without question manage to get there. The questions we have to ask are ‘why?’, and ‘what can we do differently?’