Running With Scissors: Leading Edge Without the Bleeding

New. Shiny. Attractive. New. We just can’t resist the lure of the latest and greatest gadgets. But do you really need it? How does one get to leading edge without falling over the abyss into bleeding edge? For the technically savvy and financially unrestrained, the answers are surprisingly well understood…just seldom practiced.

The Social Storm

Is project management ready for social media? Is social media ready for project management? While the prevalence of social media is exponentially increasing, its use in a project sphere is still surprisingly constrained. Meanwhile, most musings on the whole these tend to view social media through a rather generic lens–and project management as a relatively fixed practice.

Projects in the Cloud: Are We Ready to Go There?

Cloud computing’ is quickly becoming a prevalent trend in business. The presumption is that this is how applications will all be delivered in the future, and we simply have to get there. But what promises does the cloud offer to project managers? And what dangers may lurk in the mists? An exploration of the promise and perils of project management in the cloud.

What Does It Take To Get Some Really Useful PM Software?

Project management and software should be one of those intersections that represents a marriage made in heaven. There are lots of details to manage, lots of math to calculate and lots of facts to keep in one place, so software seems like it should be a no-brainer. This article explores why this isn’t often the case.

The Power Of Workflow: Making Bad Software Functional

How we choose to use software can have the largest impact on its usability. Particularly when we try to take an organizational approach, how we use the software marks the difference between success and failure.

The Software Shuffle

Project management and software should be a marriage made in heaven. Sadly, these unions are often abusive at best and quickly end in divorce. We need to understand why if this is going to change.

Bridging The Gap

The enterprise project management software market is significant. While there are many packages on the market, often laden with enormous numbers of features, many – if not most – enterprise PM software implementations struggle or fail outright. What can be done about it?

Through The Looking Glass: Tools Arent Process, But Process Is A Tool

Project scheduling tools don’t do project management. Yet we still look on tools as the solution to solving our project management problems. This article explores why that isn’t a good idea.

Breaking The Scheduling Barrier

For many, the idea of ‘project management software’ has started and finished with project scheduling tools. Today, the internet has opened up an entirely new array of tools for collaboration and communication. What does this mean for project management?