Brave New World (Part 1)

What if we really were a profession? What would it mean for project managers, for the companies that employ them and for the associations that promote and certify them? In the first part of a three part series, we look at what it would mean for project managers.

The ‘P’ In PMP: Are We Really A Profession?

We’re called ‘Project Management Professionals’. But is project management really a profession? What would it mean if we were, and do we really want to go there?

Buyer Beware: A Consumer’s Guide to PM Certification

In a North American context, the holy grail of project management certification is currently the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation administered by PMI. But is this the only option available? As it turns out, there are a large array of certifications available for project managers.

What Makes A Great Project Manager? Insights & Opportunities

What makes a great project manager? What are the attributes that define project management excellence, and what should we need to look for in hiring project managers or—more importantly—recognizing and developing our internal staff capabilities?

After Certification Comes Reality: Where Do We Go From Here?

We got project management training. Then we were certified. Now we’re out there managing projects. How’s that working for us? A critical look at the challenges of actually doing what we know we should be doing.

Buyer Beware: A Consumer’s Guide to PM Certification

While the PMP is considered by many the default certification in project management, it is by no means alone. There are, in fact, many different certifications available, with different standards and differing levels of credibility. A buyer’s guide for the informed consumer.

Training For PM Certification: The Good, The Bad & The Highly Questionable

Certification continues to be a hot topic. Leaving behind the question of why you would seek certification, we now explore how. The biggest challenge for many is the exam. So how do we prepare, and how effective are those approaches?

PM Certification Redux: An Immodest Response

Clearly, given the responses to date, the subject of certification and what is ‘appropriate’ is one that concerns us all. It is a topic that generates passionate positions on both sides of the fence. Is there a way to resolve these perspectives?

A Modest Proposal: Redefining Project Management Certification

There are inherent challenges in how many certifications today are structured, as well as in how they are marketed and perceived. What should an effective certification look like, and why would that be important?

The PMP: How Much Value Does It Offer?

Getting your PMP is a significant investment. It takes time and money to get certified, but is that investment supported by a sufficient return? What does the certification provide, and why is that useful?