Buyer Beware: A Consumer’s Guide to PM Certification

In a North American context, the holy grail of project management certification is currently the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation administered by PMI. But is this the only option available? As it turns out, there are a large array of certifications available for project managers.

Project Management & The Dangerous Quality Of Fads

An emerging theme that I have encountered in conversations of late is the perception that project management is becoming the latest management fad. This article explores whether this is true, and what might make it so.

Aligning Strategic Plans & The Execution Of Work: Projects Are Strategy

In the world of organizations, all work can be divided into two categories: you are either running the business or you are changing the business. If you are changing the business, you are managing projects. This article explains why.

Strategy & Planning: Overcoming The Failures

For most organizations today, strategic planning has a bad rap. In today’s world, strategy is viewed as being essential while strategic planning is seen as dispensable. This is a dangerous perception to take, and one that should arguably change. This article makes the case for why.

Potholes On The Road To Change: More Travelled, Less Accomplished

The capacity for effective organizational change shares many attributes with common sense: a feeling that it is all too uncommon, and lacking in widespread, rational logic. We feel that change should be easier, and yet it isn’t. This article explores why.

Measuring Change: You Will Be Assimilated

In many—if not most—cases, the management team that ultimately has the greatest difficulty in coming to terms with the nature of the change is frequently the same management team sponsoring the effort in the first place. While certainly paradoxical, it also creates significant barriers to successfully implementing projects. This article explores how to change that.

Through The Looking Glass: Tools Arent Process, But Process Is A Tool

Project scheduling tools don’t do project management. Yet we still look on tools as the solution to solving our project management problems. This article explores why that isn’t a good idea.

Shifting Perspective: A New Way of Thinking About Organizational Projects

Companies are created, structured and run primarily to deliver operational products and services. Projects, however, are still critical to these organizations success – in creating, enhancing, replacing and retiring products and services in response to competitive and market demands. This article explores how these functions can effectively co-exist.

The Battle For Control: A Tale Of Two Factions

For many organizations, enormous turf battles are waged over who controls the projects, as well as who ‘owns’ the project managers and can therefore direct their activities. This article explores the challenges of establishing—and maintaining—control.

Keeping Score: What I Learned At The Olympics About Managing

A fundamental concept in our society is how we keep score. We are a competive breed, and there is no greater level of competition than at the Olympics. This article explores some insights into managing, inspired by the Winter Olympic Games.