Project Management Where You Live: Where Should The Responsibility For PM Really Lie?

Continuing our discussion of the role of project management in organizations, this article explores what organizations look like when project management and operations management start to play nicely together in the same sandbox.

Of Projects & Organizations: The 5 Habits Of Highly Dysfunctional Companies

The concept of a project-driven organization is a non-starter for most organizations. But it is an idea with staying power. Why? And what are the challenges that we are hoping (or would need) to be addressed? This article explores the fivce key dysfunctions organizations face.

When Projects & Organizations Collide: Revolution Or Road Kill?

The concept of management by projects is a non-starter. The average company is not a project-driven company, and likely never will be. So why is this an idea that continues to be so prevalent? What problems—real or perceived—do it’s proponents hope to address? This article explores this essential question.

Reason vs. Passion: What Drives Organizational Success?

Business is, at its heart, a rational beast. It operates according to rules, policies, logic and habit. The ability to think in a reasoned, logical and coherent manner is one that is highly prized up and down the org chart. To what extent should passion align with reason in organizational functioning?

The Manager & The Microscope: Project Management as a Microcosm

Companies today, recognizing they face serious cultural, behavioural and management challenges, often look to project management as a quick-fix band-aid that can alleviate—or even eliminate—many of the problems in the organization. Sadly this is backwards. This article explores what must be present organizationally for project management to work.

The Challenge of Organizational Success: It All Comes Down To Projects

Organizations will grow or fail entirely based upon their success in managing projects. Project management will be the yardstick by which future organizational success is measured. The path to success or failure, however, is not obvious. This article explores some of the critical challenges that organizations must face.

The Problems Of Top-Down Leadership: You Live In A Valley

Some of the greatest innovations—not just of our lifetime, but throughout the ages—are the products of a select few individuals seeing, understanding and believing a truth where all others saw fallacy, lies and heresy. Is corporate leadership today any different? This article explores what it takes to lead innovation.