PMO Prognosis

Looking back on five years of guiding the development of PMOs, a lot has changed. And yet much is still the same. Where have PMOs evolved to, and what still remains to be accomplished?

Reversing The Tide: Creating PMOs Of Value

Building a PMO that truly delivers value to the organization seems to be a tall order. While the services may very, there are common attributes that go along way to ensuring success.

Studying The PMO

PMOs have become a hot topic. There are any number of opinions and perspectives on what they are, what they should do and how they should be established. But what is actually being done in practice today in organizations, and what sort of impact is it having?

The PMO Question

Defining the role of the PMO is an on-going question. PMOs continue to strive to demonstrate their relevance and value. But what if we took the time to ask project managers what they really wanted from a PMO?

It’s About Leadership

For many PMOs, the role has been about monitoring and communicating project status. By accident or design, many are becoming the accounting departments of the project management universe. The role of the PMO isn’t about reporting, however; it’s about delivering real, lasting value and change.

The Silver Bullet?

The PMO has rapidly become the ‘go to’ solution for organizations looking to improve their project management. Is this a positive move? Or are organizations jumping to their preferred solution, before they really understand the underlying problem?

Baby PMO Blues

As someone now responsible for a bouncing, baby PMO, you are probably wondering whether you are ready. Can you handle the screaming, the demands, the mess? Part of the battle is recognizing that our role has now changed — and we need a new mindset to be successful.

Measuring The PMO

One of the greatest challenges for most Project Management Offices today is being able to actually demonstrate their value and relevance to the organizations they support. One of the big challenges is how to measure success. This article offers a framework for effectively measuring PMOs.

Making the Case For a PMO: Building Your Presentation

Making the case for a PMO requires providing a clear, compelling and focussed argument. As with any sales process, there are strategies and structures that – when employed – help you get to the point quickly and effectively. How to build your case.

Selling the Value Of The PMO: What’s In It For Me?

Understanding the mechanics of setting up a successful PMO is one thing. More importantly, we need to sell the value of the PMO to the organization. Support and sponsorship is critical, and the case needs to be made in a way that will make people stand up and take notice. What to think about in making that case.