Applying PMO Measuring: Benchmarking Ourselves

Demonstrating PMO success is essential. Developing measures to do so is challenging. Establishing effective benchmarks of PMO success is where the rubber truly hits the road. How to think about setting effective success measures and validate them.

PMO Success Measures–A Proposed Model

What does PMO success look like? And how do we measure it. In part, that depends on just what kind of PMO we are trying to implement, and why. A constructive look at what we might want to measure, and how, to demonstrate the success of our PMOs.

Facing The Challenge Of Defining PMO Success

One of the most significant challenges that PMOs face today is the ability to demonstrate their value. In fact, research shows that less than 45% of PMOs are seen to make a significant contribution to project success. Why this matters, and what to do about it.

The Four Archetypes Of PMO

One of the biggest challenges in developing a PMO is selecting an appropriate model by which we can define its purpose and role. Success in defining a PMO is about being clear about why it exists and what it is supposed to do. Building upon recent research, some key archetypes emerge as being most common and relevant.

Defining The Services Of The PMO: The Customers’ View

There is no single model of a PMO. One cannot just go into a store and find a PMO to buy, all neatly packaged and shrink-wrapped. Moreover, there is no one kind PMO to implement. The services that we need to consider, therefore, are those that our customers will find most valuable. A practical guide to thinking about our services from the perspective of those who seek them.

Developing A Charter For The PMO

The implementation of a PMO needs to be treated like a project. That means we need to be clear about what we are trying to do. We need to write it down. And someone in authority needs to agree with that statement.

Defining and Ensuring A Mandate For The PMO

One of the first steps in establishing a PMO is figuring out what it is supposed to do. A mandate should provide clear, unequivocal identification of the purpose, function and role that the PMO will fulfill. Here’s how to think about building a compelling mandate.

So Where Do I Start? Building The Effective PMO

For anyone having to implement a PMO, a not-insignificant question is “Where do I start?” The needs are often numerous, and the demands overwhelming. Like any large and complex problem, however, we need to break it down into components that we can successfully manage.

Defining The PMO Role: The Quest For Identity

Defining the PMO role is critical in establishing its purpose. This starts with defining the stakeholders who the PMO is to serve, and being clear about their expectations. Only then can a PMO truly define how to deliver its services.

Defining The PMO Continuum: Walking The Razor’s Edge

There is an enormous diversity of opinions about what a PMO should actually do. For every PMO, they must find one essential point of balance — the degree to which their purpose is one of support or of control.