Risk: Just A 4-Letter Word?

Risk management is one of the most critical practices in project management. Yet it often gets ignored in actual practice. What does good risk management look like, and why don’t we do enough of it?

Differing Perceptions

We don’t do project management, we practice it. It is not a universal standard or procedure that must be followed with religious adherence; it is a way of thinking and organizing our work that requires appreciation of context and relevance.

The Risks Of Change

While projects may be uncertain, change is a virtual certainty. Projects are dynamic, and requirements evolve. This level of change, however, makes the whole idea of risk management challenging. How do we approach thinking about risks in the face of certain change?

The CIO as Driver of Organizational Change: Not

Most organizations would like the CIO to be a driver of organizational change. Most CIOs would like to be considered that, as well. While CIOs have a critical role, however, that would not be it. Insights from a recent high-profile study.

Defining Boundaries

Projects, by definition, have a start and a finish. One of the more intriguing challenges that project managers face, however, is determining where in fact the finish line occurs. This has impacts for the individual project manager, as well as for the organization.

Good Enough For Van Gogh

All too often, the concepts of creativity and process are seen as mutually exclusive. Process is as essential to creatiivity as it is to managing any other outcome.

Not Processing

An exploration of the resistance to using process, and strategies to help overcome this challenge.

Learning From Our Mistakes: Do We?

What does your organization do to formally learn from projects? If your organization is like most, the honest answer is “not much.” The challenge here is that taking the time to learn from projects is one of the most critical tools available to advance organizational capabilities.

No Manifesto

Project management is about getting things done. There are now many flavours of project management, each with their own manifesto and ideology. What does this mean for project management overall?

How Do You Do?

While there is no one right way to manage project, many in the project management community find it challenging that a lmore inormal approach could be as valid as a formal, highly structured approach.