The Challenge of Effective Estimation: A Process for Quantifying the Impossible

If it were possible to define the single greatest challenge that faces a project manager on any project, the answer for most would likely be the difficulty of defining estimates that are actually in the ballpark of what a project will really cost. This article provides some concrete suggestions on improving project estimation.

Project Managers vs. Bean Counters

Accountants and project managers do not have the best of relationships. In part because they value different things, and have different appreciations of the role — and the expected accuracy — of project budgets. The challenge is to develop a more reasonable approach to developing project budgets.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Communicating Estimates To Your Customers

Project managers often have to commit to an estimate inordinately early. Despite the fact that we don’t know what we will do, precisely how we will do it or what all of the risks are, we’re expected to know exactly what it will cost. How can we manage communicating estimates in a way that is reasonable instead?

Say What You Want And Get What You Need

Project management is hard enough without our projects getting burdened with unreasonable estimates. Not only do estimates get imposed, but we as project managers don’t exactly help matters in how we communicate our estimates. So why does this happen so much, and what we can do about it?

Making A Method Out Of A Molehill

Methodologies are a topic of extended debate, with different sides questioning the value and even the necessity of having a formal process in place. Arguably, however, we don’t just need one — and we might even need four.

Methodologies vs. Winging It: What You Should Expect From Process

Methodologies are often viewed as strict, disciplined and rigorous. Process is about consistency. But do they do so at the expense of allowing creativity? And how do we find the appropriate level of balance?

Sizing Up Your PM Efforts

Organizations are investing significant resources in developing their project management capabilities. What to implement, how effective this is and the value that it will deliver are questions that are critically important to answer. Insights into a major research effort to answer these questions.