It’s The Organizational Change, Stupid…

Process and process improvement are at the heart of many projects that we take on. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that process is simply an abstract representation of real people doing real work.

Critical Distinctions

While there are two types of success on any project – the success of the project, and the success of the investment — for many, there is a resistance to separating the ideas. Merging them, however, creates confusion rather than clarity.

So What’s The Benefit? Rethinking Project Success

Thinking about how we define project management is an important consideration. Equally so is how we evaluate project management success. There are a number of perspectives to consider, some valuable and some dangerous.

Potholes On The Road To Change: More Travelled, Less Accomplished

The capacity for effective organizational change shares many attributes with common sense: a feeling that it is all too uncommon, and lacking in widespread, rational logic. We feel that change should be easier, and yet it isn’t. This article explores why.

Measuring Change: You Will Be Assimilated

In many—if not most—cases, the management team that ultimately has the greatest difficulty in coming to terms with the nature of the change is frequently the same management team sponsoring the effort in the first place. While certainly paradoxical, it also creates significant barriers to successfully implementing projects. This article explores how to change that.

The Conflict Between Doing & Managing: A Project Manager’s Eternal Dilemma

Project managers must perpetually balance between doing, managing and leading. Part of this challenge is that the ‘real work’ of doing projects is often seen as producing deliverables, and not managing the project. The result is that project managers often take on more than they have capacity to be able to accomplish.

For Want Of An Idea, A Project Is Lost

How projects get identified is a process, like making sausages, that should not be examined too closely. Determining what projects should be initiated is a critical process, but one that is fraught with challenge. What does a better approach look like?

Keeping Score: What I Learned At The Olympics About Managing

A fundamental concept in our society is how we keep score. We are a competive breed, and there is no greater level of competition than at the Olympics. This article explores some insights into managing, inspired by the Winter Olympic Games.

Reason vs. Passion: What Drives Organizational Success?

Business is, at its heart, a rational beast. It operates according to rules, policies, logic and habit. The ability to think in a reasoned, logical and coherent manner is one that is highly prized up and down the org chart. To what extent should passion align with reason in organizational functioning?