Managing Virtually, or Virtually Managing? Personal Connection at a Distance

Technology, mobility and the sheer expense of office real estate has taken distance working from daring and uncertain trend to fully embraced reality. What this has mostly produced is a state of affairs where many of our most meaningful professional interactions are mediated by technology, rather than face to face–and that’s where the danger lies.

The Numbers Game

We live in a world that wants to slap the number ‘2.0’ after everything, to simplify a new and more effective way of working. Before we get to Communications 2.0, however, shouldn’t we get 1.0 right?

Managing Stakeholders: The Myth & Reality

The negotiation of uniform, consistently understood and agreed upon requirements should be a straightforward and manageable process. Exploring more effective strategies for managing stakeholder requirements.

Lining Up The Usual Suspects: Exercises In Project Staffing

Project staffing increasingly appears to be an exercise in ‘lining up the usual suspects’. Discussing a more rational approach to staffing and resourcing projects.

Negotiating Stakeholder Expectations: The Key To Better Requirements

One of the leading causes of project failure is not fully understanding the requirements. Failure to understand requirements is often a result of not actually knowing who the stakeholders on our project are. How we negotiate stakeholder expectations is critical.

Where Are We Going? The Outlook For PMs

Where are we as project managers, and where are we going. Certifications are at an all time high, more people are entering the role but not all of the numbers look so rosy. For all the new project managers getting certified, others are letting their credentials lapse. What does it mean for the project manager on the street?

The Path Less Traveled: Growing And Keeping PMs

How we attract and maintain project managers is a struggle for many organizations. While a valued skillset, it is one where supply is scarce and demand is high. So how do we grow and keep project managers?

Repeat After Me: I Am Not A Paper Pusher

Organizational change leader or glorified clerk: never has the spectrum defining the project management role been so broad. What organizations want is the leader; what many feel they are getting is the clerk. What does it take to become the leader that organizations want?

Where Do All The PMs Go?

Project management would appear to be facing a crisis of attrition. While there are a lot of project managers out there, as many seem to be leaving as arriving, at least by some measures. If projects are becoming more challenging and complex, how do we attract and retain the senior skill-sets necessary to manage them?

Deadly Questions Redux: Resurrecting The Interview

The traditional interview is often an inadequate way of getting to know how someone will actually perform on the job. Redesigning the interview process in a way that works is critical in selecting better candidates.