Deadly Questions For The Killer Candidate

Many of the questions asked during interviews are entirely predictable. They are also behind as many bad hiring decisions as good ones. Interview candidates know what they are likely to be asked, and prep to give you the answers you want to hear. So how do you find that perfect candidate?

Resume Reading

How does one find a project manager? Just posting an ad doesn’t really help. And knowing what to do in the face of hundreds of resumes is an even greater challenge. Just what should we be looking for — and doing — to secure that great project management hire?

Hiring Project Managers: Should PMPs Apply?

The PMP certification has exploded in popularity. The number of people to have attained certification exceeds 200,000, and a significant driver for many has been the use of certification as a screening criterion in job searches. What does this mean for the project manager, and for the organization looking for capable resources?

Are You A Project Manager, Really?

What does it really mean to be a project manager? What does it take to be successful, and what are the consequences for failure? What do we need to make sure we have negotiated up front if we are to truly be a project manager?

People, Perception & Personality: What Colour Is Your Project Manager?

One of the largest challenges that we face as human beings is knowing how others see us. This is particularly critical as project managers, given the essential nature of communications to our role. What do our personalities say about us as project managers, and how we approach the role?