Megaprojects: How different are they really?

Mega-projects. The whole concept inspires a level of massiveness–epic, large, giant-scale projects that nearly defy human imagination. As well they should, because mega-projects are, well… big. Vast. Enormous. Why, I need a thesaurus simply to discuss them. But what is a mega-project? Why do we have them? And just how different are they from your regular, everyday, garden variety project?


PM Life Skills: What I Wish I Got Taught In Project Management School

Few of us set out to become project managers. Where formally developed skills are earned, they generally take the shape of process-based training. Taken as a whole, however, they don’t make up the full set of tools, skills and abilities that a project manager needs to survive–and thrive–in the long term. Thankfully, this well-considered guide to life skills for project managers is here to help.

The Project Manager’s Survival Guide to Politics

Politics is an inevitable reality in organizational life. It is the fuel that drives organizational functioning. It is how things get done. Yhen we mention politics, we see it as representing the worst of human behavior. And yet, politics encompasses all of human behavior. For the project manager, a strategy for managing politics becomes essential. Read on for more.

Stakeholder Engagement, Not Stakeholder Management

Few project managers discuss stakeholders without in some way referencing the need to employ “stakeholder management”. Not only have we invented a dehumanizing four-syllable word for “person”, we’ve also now implied that they are people that need to be managed. Luckily, there’s a simple solution here. Read about three letters that make a lot of difference.

The Social Storm

Is project management ready for social media? Is social media ready for project management? While the prevalence of social media is exponentially increasing, its use in a project sphere is still surprisingly constrained. Meanwhile, most musings on the whole these tend to view social media through a rather generic lens–and project management as a relatively fixed practice.

A Personal Approach to PM

How do we adapt in the face of consistency, or anarchy, or brutal regimentation? As project managers, the only thing that we really have control over is ourselves. Given this, how do we change our approach in a way that enables us to be effective in producing project results, rather than bashing our head repeatedly against an unfeeling and unchanging wall of bureaucracy? Here we take a look at adaptation in the face of organizational consistency.

Project Management on a Budget

There is a cost to project management. It is not free, and it is not magic. While it is difficult at times to calculate this cost, it is nonetheless an investment — and a line on project budgets that is exposed to extra scrutiny. When faced with project cuts, how much project management do you need — and need to ensure is in place?

Project Management: A Tale of Two Futures

Predicting the future is a dangerous thing. And yet there is a need to understand where project management is going, and what it might look like when we get there. There is not one pre-determined future, however, but there are several scenarios that appear to be increasingly likely. An exploration into where project management might go from here.

The Hidden Forces of Change

Change is hard. Getting organizations to change successfully is one of the most difficult challenges facing leaders and project managers alike. One of the fundamental reasons is that there are forces at work within the organization that we do not explicitly recognize, acknowledge and address. How to think about the hidden forces that influence change.

Project Management: Lingua Franca or Tower of Babel?

Standards play a role in defining project management. And yet there are many different standards for project management, with different terms, practices and capabilities. What does it mean to try to get to a single understanding of project management? Is it possible? And what might it look like if we got there?