Stress & The Project Manager

Project management is a stressful gig. For many of us, that’s actually the reason that we took it on—although we would never describe it in those terms. This article explores the impact of stress on the project management role.

Designing Teams As If People Mattered

Projects are all about people. And yet, we often approach dealing with people as if they will all approach situations in a consistent, rational manner. Evidence amply demonstrates that people are far from rational at times, and ignoring this makes for some major management challenge. How to rethink thinking about people and teams.

A Personal Approach To PM

Projects are different. People are different. And yet, in many ways, we implicitly approach project management as if it is a single, uniform, unchanging process. How we manage projects — and how we learn project management — will be heavily influenced by our own preferences. A different take on what it means to be consistent — and why that may not be the best approach.

Life Beyond The PMP

For many project managers, the PMP is the apex of their development as project managers: the holy grail. But what does it mean to be certified? And once you’ve attained your certification, where to from here? A hard look at future development for project managers.

The Goldilocks Theory Of Governance

Governance and fairy tales don’t seem to be natural bedfellows, and yet there are striking commonalities. Particularly in that the ideal and reality appear far apart. The challenges of establishing effective governance are explored.

The 3 Deadly Sins Of EVM

While earned value management is gaining considerable attention, it also has some inherent flaws – in how it is implemented and how it is used. These lead to three deadly sins: those of omission, commission and deception.

The Face Of Leadership

As project managers, we are often thrust in a leadership role. We need to face and deal with the challenges. There are some models and tools that provide the project manager with great insights into becoming an effective leader.

PPM: Project Propaganda Management?

In the history of organizations trying to implement and get some value from project management, there has been a string of buzzwords that have captured the hearts, minds and budget approvals of senior executives. Why hasn’t portfolio management lived up to the hype?

What Does It Take To Get Some Really Useful PM Software?

Project management and software should be one of those intersections that represents a marriage made in heaven. There are lots of details to manage, lots of math to calculate and lots of facts to keep in one place, so software seems like it should be a no-brainer. This article explores why this isn’t often the case.

The Power Of Workflow: Making Bad Software Functional

How we choose to use software can have the largest impact on its usability. Particularly when we try to take an organizational approach, how we use the software marks the difference between success and failure.