When Strategy Met Projects

Projects should be all about delivering business strategy. And business strategy should be all about projects. So why does business strategy have nothing to do with the projects we do? In this article, one expert endeavors to address both dimensions. In doing so, he will try to help project managers establish an approach that can support bringing the domains of strategy and projects just a little closer together.

Project Management: A Tale of Two Futures

Predicting the future is a dangerous thing. And yet there is a need to understand where project management is going, and what it might look like when we get there. There is not one pre-determined future, however, but there are several scenarios that appear to be increasingly likely. An exploration into where project management might go from here.

The Hidden Forces of Change

Change is hard. Getting organizations to change successfully is one of the most difficult challenges facing leaders and project managers alike. One of the fundamental reasons is that there are forces at work within the organization that we do not explicitly recognize, acknowledge and address. How to think about the hidden forces that influence change.

Getting Procurement to Support Projects: Mission Impossible?

Procurement is the bane of many project managers. While it should not be the case, wanting this to be so does not make it so. Procurement is an essential practice, but for many it is one that is riddled with delays, bureaucracy and red tape. How to rethink procurement in a way that can make projects more successful.

Organizational PM: Dream or Reality?

Organizations do projects. But do organizations have a project management capability? Is project success about who you select as project managers, or can you guarantee success regardless of who is assigned? An exploration of what it takes for project management to become truly organizational in nature.

The Goldilocks Theory Of Governance

Governance and fairy tales don’t seem to be natural bedfellows, and yet there are striking commonalities. Particularly in that the ideal and reality appear far apart. The challenges of establishing effective governance are explored.

Great Expectations

One of the fundamental activities of effective project management is establishing effective requirements. Essential is a strategy to understand what are often unstated but very real expectations that exist within our organizations.

A Monster’s Guide to Project Horrors

We all fear the presence of monsters under the bed. And as with horror films, we often don’t see what’s about to bite us until it is too late. So what monsters lurk within our projects? A seasonally spook-tacular article.

Doing The Right Thing: Easier Than It Sounds?

Do we know what it means to manage our projects responsibly? Are we prepared to do the right thing, even in the face of pressure to do otherwise? There is a lot of emphasis on compliance and conformity in corporate processes, but at what cost to getting projects done the right way?

Promote The Change, Not Your Project

The idea of branding projects was inevitable. For most stakeholders, the change is what’s important, not the project. Rethinking effective project communications.