What’s The Value Of PM To Your Business?

For those already immersed in the world of project management, talking about its value may seem to be a statement of the obvious. For executives evaluating it as an investment competing for their support, however, the answer to this question is a crucial one.

The Quest For Good Governance: Building Better Sponsors

Many organizations don’t have a project management problem — they have a project governance problem. Throw all the process, tools and training at the project managers that you like. Projects won’t get better until the governance improves.

A Separation Of Convenience

The reality of managing IT projects is that the business side often abdicates its responsibilities in favour of technology delivery. The critical aspects of change management and value realization often get overlooked as a result.

Fining Value in Project Compliance

Compliance is becoming a widespread issue for most organizations. There are a number of standards, regulations and legislative imperatives that now influence the project world. There are positives to this, but there are also potential drawbacks. Striking this balance is a key judgement that organizations must address.

Nice Ideas… Shame About The Implementation

One of the fundamental flaws in successfully delivering projects is that our organizational cultures get in the way of being able manage projects effectively. While we may have reasonable processes, our organizations get in the way of our being able to use them.

Out On The Carpet: Confronting Our Organizational Challenges

The challenges of managing projects in organizations are remarkably uniform and consistent. What do we need to do if we actually want to get better?

Out Of The Closet

A recent task force investigation into the management of large scale IT projects highlighted a number of problems, most of which are all too familiar. If we know the problems, why don’t we do anything about them?

Opening The Closet: Learning From Project Failures

It is a nearly universally accepted truth that large IT projects often struggle to succeed. Learning from these failures is essential if we are ever going to improve. A recent task force report helps shed light on these challenges.

Pick Your Battles

Change often comes about by being able to clearly demonstrate a better way of doing things. In the face of unorthodox challenges, however, we may need to accept more unorthodox solutions.

Spelling Out EPM

One of the most elusive concepts facing organizations in implementing project management is understanding exactly what ‘enterprise project management’ represents. The concept is appealing, but what does it take to make it work?