Don’t Jump The Shark

It’s easy — and dangerous — to treat project management as a fad. Much of this comes from how project management is adopted — or adapted.

Organizational Best Practices: How Do You Measure Up?

What are the practices that have the greatest influence on organizational and project success? Insights from a major research effort.

Aligning Strategic Plans & The Execution Of Work: Projects Are Strategy

In the world of organizations, all work can be divided into two categories: you are either running the business or you are changing the business. If you are changing the business, you are managing projects. This article explains why.

Got Hierarchy?

My suggested redefinition of what it means to be a project manager has generated its fair share of praise, as well as criticism. Where there are faults, much lies with the idea that a project manager should have a level of authority, and that this undermines the idea of a team as a collective entity.

Project Management: A New Definition

We need clarity about what it means to really be a project manager. It is important to know what this looks like, what is expected of us and what we should expect of others. While there is a lot of fuzziness in the world about project manager, this article provides some clear-cut answers.

Toward a Meaningful Definition of Project Management: Stops On a Journey Forward

Defining project management is a challenge rooted in the difference between ‘project doing’ and ‘project managing’. And, because it’s the results that we care about, we often place greater emphasis on what produces the results, not how the process of getting their is managed. How to clarify this distinction in a way that is meaningful.

Defining Project Management: Just What Are We Talking About Here?

One of the challenges in formalizing how we think about project managers is being clear about the project management role. While there are a lot of books and information of the subject, clear definitions are surprisingly absent. A lot of our understanding comes down to, “I will know it when I see it.” Why this needs to change.

The Accidental Project Manager: Coming In From the Cold

Few people of us stood up at the beginning of our career and shouted, “I want to be a project manager!” And yet here we are. So how did this happen? And what does it mean? And what are the implications for the organizations that hire us?

Strategy & Planning: Overcoming The Failures

For most organizations today, strategic planning has a bad rap. In today’s world, strategy is viewed as being essential while strategic planning is seen as dispensable. This is a dangerous perception to take, and one that should arguably change. This article makes the case for why.

Leveraging Best Practices: The Results of the 2002 Organizational Project Management Baseline Study

The Organizational Project Management Baseline Study has been helping organizations to understand the processes and capabilities by which they manage their projects. The 2002 Organizational Project Management Baseline Study is the fifth annual study of organizational project management practice conducted by Interthink Consulting Incorporated. This article explores some of the key findings.