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The Role & Place For A Devil’s Advocate

We’ve all been challenged by that one person in the meeting who opposes everything, simply for the sake of opposing. Or because they’re afraid. Or because they just like to argue. The role of the devil’s advocate is challenged. It’s also challenging. But under the right circumstances, it can be hugely helpful.

Cognitively Curious

When most of us think about artificial intelligence or machine learning, it’s in the context of computers taking over. There’s a very different view, that puts us in the driver’s seat. Insights from the bleeding edge of cognitive computing.

The Creative Value Of Boundaries

We tend not to like the idea of constraints. Boundaries are, after all, rather limiting. And yet they are also essential to creativity and innovation. The essential value of limitations in thinking big.

Disrupting The Idea Of Disruption

Disruption has become sexy, and the idea of disruptive innovation has come to dominate (and begin to spread beyond) startup culture. Nonetheless, execution and exploitation have their place as well. We need to organize in a way that accommodates both.

Creativity, Innovation & the Box

We are surrounded by increasingly strident exhortations to “think outside the box.” It’s an interesting expression, and one that has almost become a cliché.

I Have Become a Laggard

I have long lived life on the bleeding edge, particularly where technology is concerned. I would keep up on new software, hardware and technology. My cell phone provider was no doubt driven to distraction by my endless upgrades, usually timed about every six months or so.