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Best Practices Usually Aren’t

There are few terms that have the same unbridled acceptance in business as “best practices.” Except that, for many organizations, best practices fail to deliver on the theoretical promise implied by the term. Best implies one superior way of working, where in reality there are many practices dependent upon many different things.

Next Webinar: Making Learning Stick

We live in the Information age, and while it’s great to have Google, Siri and Cortana at our beck and call – there’s also a pressing need for we as people to know stuff, to learn new things, and to be able to do so as effectively as possible. In a world that changes daily,…
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On Working Out Loud

Working out loud is not something we normally think of doing. In fact, we’re taught to do the opposite. Knowledge work is often quiet, solitary and independent. But working out loud—and objectively and meaningfully sharing status—can have some important and valuable benefits.

Scary, Monstrous, Overwhelming Deliverables

Deliverables are powerful demons. When we don’t pay attention to them, they grow in size, ferocity and monstrosity. Particularly when deadlines start to loom. And while intense focus can be a productive mindset, it shouldn’t be a perpetual one. Slaying our subconscious workload beasts.

Free Edmonton Seminar — Making Project Management Work: Aligning Process & Culture

25 August 2016, 8:30am–11:30am This event is sponsored and hosted by Executive Education at the University of Alberta School of Business and Interthink Consulting. How we manage projects needs to be flexible. And yet how project management is represented is often thought of as well-defined, specific and prescriptive. There is no one single type of…
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Getting Organized, Staying Organized

Getting organized is something we normally associate with new year’s resolutions. At the same time, it’s one of those important but not-urgent things that we often put off, well, forever. My efforts to tackle the things that are important to tackle, and to develop an on-going strategy to manage them.

On Perfectionism And Pragmatism

Our approach and attitudes toward perfection gets in the way of doing the work that we need, and the work that is value. Finding the optimal outcome of ‘good enough.’

Next Webinar – Altocracy: Alternative Organizing Strategies

In our earlier webinar, we explored the role and influence of bureaucracy. For all of its foibles and faults, it has been a remarkably persistent form of organizing. And, arguably, a useful one. But not without its (numerous) faults. Paraphrasing Winston Churchill, bureaucracy could be described as “the worst form of organizing, except for all…
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Special Webinar! Adapting Project Management for the Real World

Jointly presented by Executive Education at the University of Alberta School of Business and Interthink Consulting. 28 July 2016 – 11:00am–12:00pm MDT As noble a discipline as project management might be, it is still looked on with mistrust by some. It can be seen as overly rigid and bureaucratic. Overly linear and traditional by others….
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On Not Ticking The Boxes

It’s easy to get into a routine—and a rut—where the work that we do is just ticking the boxes. It’s a great deal harder to think about how the work that we do gets used, and what we need to do to make it as easy as possible for the work gets used. But doing so makes all the difference.