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Next Webinar: Faking It ’til We Make It: A Viable Strategy?

“Fake it until you make it.” So the saying goes, and so goes so much management wisdom. From some perspectives, this would seem like a viable strategy. Current insights into leadership development suggest that we act ourselves into new ways of thinking, and not the other way around. That we learn by doing. That means…
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Persistence, Perseverance and Follow-Through

In the face of challenge, we often avoid work—particularly work that challenges us. This might be a result of preparedness, and it may simply be procrastination. In either instance, solving it isn’t a thinking problem. It’s a doing problem. On the very real importance of action.

Next Webinar: Taking a Read on 2016

This is our fifth annual ‘Book Review’ webinar as we close out (open up?) the year. Peter and Mark are both presenting. As before, we will take a read on the year that has passed, discussing the best business books we have each read this year. These may live between the covers of our normal…
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A Year End Reflection

It is more than a little difficult to believe that the year is almost over. It has been busier than I expected, and it has gone faster than I can imagine. It has been a year of successes and challenges, for me and others. What I’ve done, what I hope to do, and what I hope for everyone else.

Doing The Work We Were Meant To Do

We want to do good work. We aspire to do amazing, transcendent work. That doesn’t happen very often. When it does happen, it is very good indeed. What is critical is recognizing what allows us to actually do it.

First, Do No Harm

We shape our own existence, and we define our own experience. While that might not be a popular sentiment, it’s no less real nor true. The biggest challenge is that we are often fundamentally aware of the underlying beliefs that create our experience. If we want to make a difference in the world, we may first need to make a difference in ourselves.

Cognitively Curious

When most of us think about artificial intelligence or machine learning, it’s in the context of computers taking over. There’s a very different view, that puts us in the driver’s seat. Insights from the bleeding edge of cognitive computing.

Next Webinar – Exercising Agency: A Practical Guide

In previous webinars, I’ve presented the results of my research that led to the publication of the book, “Exercising Agency.” In this webinar, we go beyond what the research said, to what it actually means. Mark Mullaly distils the essence of the findings into a concrete and practical, “So what?” Being an agent of change…
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Constructive Feedback & Choosing To Be Better

Feedback and criticism are generally seen as negative. We don’t like it, we get defensive and we very often resist it. That deflection is often our brains looking for the easy way out. And it’s arguably keeping us from doing our best work.

Simple Is Hard. It Is Also Essential.

How we deal with complex problems is challenging. Our minds evolved to take shortcuts and make things easy. There is a lot of danger in doing so when we confront truly difficult situations. We need to find simple—but not simplistic—ways of communicating complex and complicated relationships and information.